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About Drum Set Connect
Drum Set Connect is a global percussion and drum resource loaded with everything drums related, from drum forums to drum articles and reviews on drum sets, cymbals, and drum hardware. Make your contributions to the world of drums by sharing your percussion wisdom and helping beginners to learn the ropes and gain drumming experience. You can download drum videos and pictures or show off your hot new drum kits in the drum set gallery. Face off against other drummers in a drum battle, participate in drum contests and sweepstakes, win drumming awards, and connect with other members in the drum forums. You can also shop for drums, drum sets, cymbals, and drum books, trade with other members, or find gigs and teachers for drum lessons in the drum classifieds. Drum Set Connect is your number one connection and resource on the net for drums. Below is a list of what we have to offer a drummer of any level, absolutely FREE!
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Drum Forums & Drum Set Gallery
A direct connection to other drummers around the world, the drum forums enable discussion about anything related to drums like drum technique, the latest drums and cymbals, and the best drummers. You can also test your drumming skills in drum battles with other Drum Set Connect members, show off your drums in the drum set gallery, and find drum gigs and teaching positions in the drum classifieds.

Drum Articles, Reviews, & Links
Improve your drum technique and gain drumming knowledge with some great drum articles written on a variety of topics including drum technique, drum sound and setup, drum maintenance and repair, drum recording and mic'ing, and drummer experiences. Also, rate your experiences with your drum sets, cymbals, drum hardware, drum accessories, drum books, drum dvds, and music albums in the drum reviews section. If you can't find what you're looking for here at Drum Set Connect, you can also dig into the drum links for some other great drum resources on the web.

The time is now 04:51 AM GMT -4.

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