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  1. I wish I could enter.....
  2. hey how can i enter
  3. Stanton Moore Contest
  4. Recognition
  5. Female Drum Battle
  6. Drop Beats Not Bombs Contest | Custom Snare Giveaway!
  7. The New v/s The Old Drum Battle
  8. Starbucks custom snare contest!
  9. Drum Off
  10. I found this kid on Youtube
  11. Drop Beats Not Bombs Custom Snare Raffle!
  12. Brady Snare Giveaway!
  13. The Taylor Hawkins Trivia Contest
  14. Enter Music Publishing Rolls Out Voting For 15th Annual Drummies; Vote By April 30th
  15. Enter Music Publishing Hits A Record During Drummies 2010
  16. Neil Peart Barely Paradiddles Past Travis Barker; 4th Straight Drummie
  17. Win a FREE Roland V-Drum Lite HD-1
  18. JZ Microphones DMK1 video and Drum Contest
  19. My entry in JZ Mic Drum Contest
  20. Enter Music Publishing Presents: The 16th Annual Drummies With Voting Now Open
  21. Enter Music Publishing’s Drummies Hit Hard: 4600 Drummers Cast Votes Since March 10
  22. 2 Weeks left to send your drum video for JZ Microphones Drum Contest
  23. Mike Portnoy's Dream Plays Out; Wins Drummer Of The Year And More
  24. Drum Stick Collecting
  25. Win a Yamaha NSD 1455 drum !
  26. Guitar Center Drum Off Winner - JP Bouvet
  27. DRUM! Magazine, Tom-Tom Mag And Major Drum Companies Conduct “Hit Like A Girl” Contes
  28. Enter Music Publishing Grooves Forward With The 17th Annual Drummies Voting Now Open
  29. Lee Ritenour extends deadline to May 10 to enter Global Music Competition- play on hi
  30. Mike Portnoy’s Prog Percussion Proves Itself Again
  31. DRUM! Night 2012 A Hit; Paul Bostaph Reels In 2nd
  32. Skrillex & The Doors breakn' a sweat - melo drum cover HD
  33. Girls To Get Their Groove On For Second Annual "Hit Like A Girl" Drum Contest
  34. Girls Groove In 30 Countries During First Two Weeks of “Hit Like A Girl"