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Old 09-03-2010, 10:44 AM
Cymbals & Snares's Avatar
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Krest/Harpy Cymbals

I Know alot of you guys are at least familiar with those brand names. From my diligent reaserch I have done, it seems the vast majority of thier product line are made from brass not bronze. IN the companies litarature they seem to indicate they have made some type of "breakthrough" in the development of Brass as an alternative to Bronze as a primary alloy for Cymbal making. Well from what I hear their Brass line of Cymbals isn't to pleasing to this drummers ears. Perhaps in thier native Brazil where there's lots of heavily afro-cuban influenced music they may work well. However here in the US I can't help but feel the sound of thier cymbals will only appeal to a small Niche market, they most definitely fall seriously short of being useable for rock/metal. Unless perhaps they are regulated to some type of effects cymbal along the lines of a china. Does anyone no if the "Krest" label is strickly for use in the US/Canadian market ? Does anyone here use them ? If may inquire what did you pay for your Cymbal and what capacity to you use it in ? Just a little curious about them that's all ? Thanks in advanced T.
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Old 09-04-2010, 01:23 AM
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butter is on a distinguished road

Re: Krest/Harpy Cymbals

I have seen them on eBay and other places. I never considered buying them because they are usually colored and I automatically dismiss any cymbal that is blue or red Painted cymbals can't sound good, at least not yet.
Anyway, I looked them up on youtube, and I think the chinas sound alright, but I have a really different taste in chinas. I usually go for cheap cymbals when it comes to chinas, I dunno why, but I like them better most of the time. Besides the chinas, I don't like the sounds, either. They are sort of dense and trashy but focused (?) or something like that. Either way, I wouldn't buy a Krest cymbal. I'm not familiar with them past what I have mentioned, I have never seen/played them in a store or anything, but because of that and their lack of market here, I have see no reason to give them a try when I could buy a Sabian or Paiste and not worry about whether it will sound good.
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