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Doubles strokes - Drum Technique
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Doubles strokes
Doubles strokes
Published by lolodrums
Doubles strokes

I play quite a long time and still not good at doubles. Let me tell u the way I execute doubles...I throw the stick into the head on the 1sr stroke and force a second with the fingers . I found that I use to choke too much the stick so i have a sloppy double .
But if I try to have a more OPEN roll i tend to loose control....I try to use the rebound as much is possible but couldn't find still the balance among control , speed & volume .
A drum teacher I had , insisted on using wrists almost 100%.... I can do that till some extent(speed) then rebound needed .
I looked the Moeller method...which i found kind of complicated .
So , does anybody around want to share any simple , if possible , technique to play doubles ?

Thanks .

PD: sorry about the English .
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By Ashlyspice1 on 09-24-2009, 08:41 AM
Re: Doubles strokes

Try accenting the 2nd stroke of each double
rR lL and
lL rR ( the capitals being the accented note ) in as many diferent techniques as you can master
example: Moeller stroke, Free stroke , etc in french and German grip.
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By zerolatency on 02-24-2011, 12:56 AM
Re: Doubles strokes

I've found that simply pulling the second stroke with your fingers works just fine for me. Downstroke, then on the upstroke pulling the stick with the fingers and repeat.
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By Buddy on 02-24-2011, 12:39 PM
Re: Doubles strokes

hey are you using the front fulcrum to much? Front fulcrum= (Index finger and Thumb) If your onching tohard try using your back fulcrum more (Back fulcrum= middle/ring finger and thumbish area haha) Try to feel all your fingers touching the stick.

Also are you playing this pattern rrllrrllrrllrrllrrllrrll? If your playing that pattern fast it becomes diddles.(Same thing just faster) If so then you probly should use less wrist. At a certain point it turns into forearm, and you use very little wrist. BUt when it's slower you should use wrist.

One more thing. This is what got me to be able to do them. Play your didles into a pillow. When you can do them into a pillow perfectly then you can play them on a drum. Play hem the EXACT same way. It works man
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By jazzman01 on 07-01-2011, 07:20 AM
Re: Doubles strokes

Hi there,

Try this exercise using the fingers; starting with the right hand do one triplet exercise per hand all the way up to ten and then two per hand all the way up to ten. The next step will be three per hand all the way up to ten which will put you into three four time and then four per hand all the way up to ten. This will exercise the fingers and allow you to develop more control while strengthening them; I got this from the Dave Weckl Back to basics video so I suggest you check it out. As for your doubles, start slowly by using more of your wrist and then as you get faster, your fingers. I use a bounce and catch technique e.g throw the stick down and catch it as it comes back up; start with a metronome at a slow tempo around 70 BPM and time yourself for 5 mins while trying to keep in time with the metronome. Gradually increase your speed and as you get faster, use the fingers more then try playing at different dynamic levels using your wrists for louder playing together with your fingers.

Doubles are more difficult to execute so practice every day and don't expect quick results; in time you'll get it,

Hope this helps,

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By slingerland59 on 07-01-2011, 01:21 PM
Re: Doubles strokes

The trick is to play in a super relaxed way. If you're choking too much then that means your grip is too tight and forced. You definitely do not use wrists exclusively for both strokes, as the others have described. The secret is to learn how to control the bounce and it's easier to practice at low volumes until you get the technique and speed right.

I practice on a Billy Gladstone black rubber pad because it forces you to work a little harder but still gives a nice bounce and it's quiet so you can play for a long time and not drive others crazy.

Do you know the shuffle beat? I find it helps to play a shuffle with one hand for a while and then with the other hand. That way of playing doubles forces you to do the correct finger action. Then when you go back to doing alternating, even double strokes the fingers will work better for you.
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By jazzman01 on 07-01-2011, 03:38 PM
Re: Doubles strokes

Yes, the secret is to keep relaxed and don't tense. Start at low volume first and use your fingers to bounce and catch. Use a combination of wrist and fingers and not wrist entirely
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By Tama Joe on 03-10-2012, 08:12 PM
Re: Doubles strokes

I see this is an old thread, but I would like to give my opinion on this question. First of all, the secret to learning to play the drums properly is to be relaxed all the time, and have good posture, so there is no tension in your body, arms and legs. This is probably a moot point for experienced drummers, but a new student should be taught this right away and develop good practice habits.

As far as playing double stroke rolls is concerned, there is a definite way to practice this rudiment. To be a good drummer, it is essential that you can play this rudiment as well as possible because it is the basis for good drumming; doesn't matter what style of drumming or music you are playing. You will use double strokes in just about anything you play on the drums and you will also play other rudiments better as well.

The technique for proper practice is this: 1) sit at the proper height behind the snare drum or pad that you are playing on. If you sit too low, obviously you risk hitting the rim with the sticks, and if you sit too high, then you will be hitting the drum at such an acute angle, that you won't have any control over the sticks. I would suggest having your sticks at about 20 or 30 degree angle about the drum head for proper execution. 2) keep the elbows tight to your body and not sticking way out. 3) make sure your wrists are straight and not bent outwards. This goes for both grips: parade or match grip. 4) find the balancing point of each stick where your fulcrum will be (the fulcrum is your pivot point where you hold the sticks with your fingers). 5) hold the tips of your sticks not more than 2 or 3 inches above the head and 2 or 3 inches apart. You don't want to hit the sticks together and lose control. 6) practice SLOWLY at first and let your wrists control the bounce for each stroke. (Do not use your arms and play from the elbows) 7) try to play even pressure for each stroke on each hand; this will develop strength and control which will lead to smoother execution. 8) as you gain control increase the speed by allowing the sticks to bounce or rebound off the drum head for the second stroke on each hand. By doing this, you will be using a combination of wrist and rebound action to execute the double roll. At this point, you should be getting a feel for how much pressure you need to use at the fulcrum to hold and control the sticks, so you don't drop them or play with too much tension in your hands and arms. 9) As you gain speed, and the rolls become faster, the double will naturally close as your sticks will remain very close to the drum head. 10) The open double will become a closed double roll and if you use a little more force, you will end up playing a pressed roll. This is the ultimate goal of this rudiment in my opinion. 11) Reverse this technique when you have gotten to a closed roll and gradually slow the rudiment down until you are playing exaggerated open double stroked rolls.

New drum students often wonder how to play closed rolls. This is the method I use to play them properly and effectively. The important point is to start slowly, develop good technique by using proper form and control. As you get comfortable, you will gradually increase the speed at which you play the rudiment with control. Learn to execute starting with each hand-first with the right hand and then switch starting with the left hand, or vice versa. Use a metronome if you like for proper timing. This helps with overall control also.

I hope this helps anyone who wants to develop good practice habits and learn to play double rolls or any other rudiment properly.
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By jazzman01 on 03-12-2012, 10:36 AM
Re: Doubles strokes

Hey everyone,

Has anyone heard of Dick Cully?I checked his videos out Youtube and he is phenomenal and demonstrates single strokes that I have yet to see bettered by any drummer today save for Buddy Rich. Check him out on Youtube

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