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George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming - Drum DVD
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George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming
George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming
Published by SirBlastsAlot
George Kollias Intense Metal Drumming

This is the first DVD from Niles legendary drummer, hailing from Greece, George Kollias.

It starts off with the blast beat, and all the variations. He goes into detail on the exercises he swears by, and all the different workouts to achieve the speed, power, and technicality that is needed in today's extreme music. He shares with us his upper body technique and all the extras. He leaves nothing out in this DVD

Next he goes into the double bass technique. George is one of the fastest, most intense drummers out there, and he shows it in this must have DVD. He explains the combination of heel-up and heel-down technique he utilizes to get up to 280bpm!

Further into this DVD, he explains how to translate guitar riffs into intense parts as he explains rhythmic illusion drumming.

This DVD is a must for drummers trying to get ahead in the very competitive and challenging field of extreme metal drumming.
Also check out Cryptopsys drummer, Flo Mounier, extreme metal drumming DVD as well
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