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Old 08-11-2009, 03:25 PM
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Drum Mics

There are four different mics suggested by the Sound Pros. Whether your on a high or low budget, you can do the best with what ever you have. Still the best approach is still trial and error depending on the acoustics of the room and mic placements.

Top - Shure SM57
Bottom - Shure SM57, AKG 452, Neumann KM 184

Sennheiser 421, AKG 414, Shure SM 57, Blue 'The Ball" (any model)

(Kick Outside Mics):
Preferred Mics - AKG D112, AKG D12, EV RE-20
Other Mics - Blue "The Ball".

For particular Kick recordings, some prefer one mic inside the res head and another outside at the same time.
INSIDE: Sennheiser 421
OUTSIDE: Blue "The Ball" or Neumann FET47.

OVERHEAD: AKG 452, Neumann KM184, AKG 414, Blue - lots of choices.

ROOM MICS: Neumann U67, Blue (lots of choices), AKG 414, or 2 matched condenser mics.

The most important issue about drum recordings is getting the best mics you can afford and Pre-Amps. If you get a decent mixer, they should provide you with good built-in pre-amps.
Mic placement should be about 4 to 6 inches from the drums and the overheads not closer than 2 feet above.

Kick - 1 inside
Snare - Top and Bottom
Toms - 1 mic on top of each.
Hi-hat - 1 mic on top
Overhead - Stereo Mics
Room Mics - Stereo or Mono
Ride Cymbal - Optional
Overhead - Stereo matched pair condenser any brand

5 Mic Setup:
Kick - 1 mic inside
Snare - Top & Bottom
Overhead - Stereo
matched pair condenser any brand

Mic Setup:
Kick - 1 mic inside
Snare - 1 mic Bottom only
Overhead - Stereo matched pair condenser any brand
3 Mic Setup:
Kick - 1 mic inside

Overhead - Stereo matched pair condenser any brand

Packing Blankets - GOBOS - Insulation

Notes: Inside the kick is for those who have a hole in the bass res head. Otherwise place the mic about 4-6 inches in front of the kick drum.

Overhead - Stereo matched pair condenser any brand also used for ambiance of the room

Good Luck and Happy Drumming.
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