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Why I play drums
Why I play drums
Published by full metal
Why I play drums

I have been asked before why do I play drums and it is a hard question some times. I mean when you look at it we are the hardest working member of the band weather you are playing the kit, the mallets or any thing else in an orcastra ensmable, and well lets not even get started on marching band carring around those hevy things we love to play.
We are the first one to the gig to get set up and we are the last ones to leave for the night and well most of us just cant afored to have a rodie as nice as it would be, so the question still remains why do we do it.

For most people the drummer is just the guy in the back that hits things and thats about it, and to some other muscians we are looked down upon even further, so why take the abuse? I would hav to say that it great knowing that you are what is keeping everything together, the person that is coming up with the best way to make your drums fit the music that you are playing with and by far have the most skills in the band you are playing in just kidding.(maby)
But it is hard work and it is a lot of determination that makes us who we are and even some of us stand out in the music world and I am here to tell you that when you get up there on that stage and the room is packed and the band starts up and everyone in the shuts up and then starts going crazy it is the greatest feeling in the world and if you get to play the covted drum solo everyone in the room with stop whatever they are doing to watch you. you dont see it during the guitar solos or even a bass but always a drum solo and when you get done everyone there will aplude and scream and yell, and it just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling deep down inside and you know why you started playing and why you still play to this day.

So what is it that makes us want to play? I think it is the determination to want to be the best and to want to learn that Rush song and to show off the skills that make us who we are and what it is that drives us to be the best we can. You will never here of a drummer that didnt work hard to get where they are today and the drive to keep working to get better everyday. I guess in a way you could say that most drummers are perfectionest. It has to be perfect in every way, thats why we will practice our rudments everyday and will work on the cross sticking that looks so cool. It is what drives us to be the best and one of the biggest resons that we play. It is a love for the thing we do most.

Why you play drums is somthing that a lot of us may never be able to answer but we know deep down inside why we play and why no matter what we will never give it up.
After you get home from that gig you just played and you are tired and it is 4:00am and you are laying in bed ask yourself that question and you will come to the answer.
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