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Zildjian 7A Anti-vibe sticks - Drumsticks
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Zildjian 7A Anti-vibe sticks
Zildjian 7A Anti-vibe sticks
Published by DrummerMom
Zildjian 7A Anti-vibe sticks

About a year ago I noticed a lump on my right hand while playing my drums. It hurt when I played so I had to stop playing for a few days. When I stated playing again after only a few minutes my hand started hurting again. I decided to see if there was any drum sticks I could get to help ease the pain while playing. I went to the doctor and was told a had a ganglion cyst that may or may not go away on it's own.
I researched until I found Zildjian Anti vibe sticks. So off to the drum shop I went. I was hoping that these sticks would allow me to play without the pain until the cyst went away or I had to have it removed. Fortunetly it went away on its own and I found an awesome brand of drumsticks!

These sticks are hollowed out at the butt end of the stick and have a rubber stopper in the end
The hollowed out chamber was 2 inches into the shaft. This dimension seemed to be far enough in to absorb a noticeable amount of shock, though not too far in to change the balance point or center of balance to where it would feel odd or would make you choke up on the stick too much.

The plus side:


These sticks are great! I don't feel fatigue even after playing for an hour. They absorb all of the shock so to speak.
They come in 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B, Super 5A,Super 5B, and Trigger stick sizes. All of them are available in nylon or wood tip(tear drop shaped).

The minus side:

Most drummers and percussionist that I have talked to about these sticks don't seem to like them. They have stated that they don't feel they get the bounce out of these sticks like they do with other sticks. Also, most people think these sticks are expensive. I say forget the cost, I'm more concerned about comfort!


I think they are great sticks and will benefit many players.

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