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Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Cymbal Set - Cymbal Reviews
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Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Cymbal Set
Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Cymbal Set
Published by Drum Set Connect
Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Cymbal Set

The Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Cymbal Set with 18" China and Cymbal Bag includes a 20" ride, 16" crash, and a pair of 14" hi-hats. These are entry-level cymbals made a by a great company in Zildjian. The ZBT-Plus cymbals use the Zildjian Bronze Technology to offer great cymbals with clean stick articulation and controlled overtones.

The Good
Zildjian is one of the most popular and well-known companies in the cymbal industry and you can only expect the best from them. This cymbal package includes everything a starting drummer needs in terms of cymbals and the free china cymbal and cymbal bag that it comes with is definitely a plus. If youre on a budget, then this is probably one of the better deals for your money. Sabian also has a similar package that you might want to look into. As for sound quality, the ride rings quite well and the crash and hi-hats are decent. For the price, there is really not much that competes.

The Bad
Although this is a great deal for beginning drummers, the cymbals are not the best you can get. These are lower line cymbals and there have been many cases where customers have complained about the crash cracking too easily or the ride being too loud and ringing for too long.

The Verdict
Id recommend this package only to beginning drummers who are on a tight budget. Otherwise, itd be wise to invest in something of higher quality which will last you longer and sound much better such as the Zildjian A or K series cymbals. Wuhan also has some comparable cymbals that may cost less.

List Price - $429.00

Musician's Friend

Zildjian ZBT 4-Piece Cymbal Set with FREE 18" China and Cymbal Bag
- $219.99


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