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Old 09-15-2005, 02:38 PM
full metal's Avatar
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My new double bass pedal

Well I took a chance and I bought somthing without testing it first and it paid off more than you can imagine.

I needed to get a new double bass pedal for several diffrent resons but the point was that I needed one and soon so I started shoping around for them.
I really wanted to get a DW 5000 even after that artical that was put on here about how easly they break but it made me a little more skeptical about them so I started searching diffrent web sites.
I went to music123 and they had premier pedals.
normaly I try to stay away from pedals that might come from the factory with a new kit because they useally are not as good as some better well now pedals, but I started reading the review on the pedals and there was one revew in there by a guy that had been playing for 28 years and he was saying that he had owned the DW 9000 and had bought the premier pedal as a back up and ended up thnk that it was a lot better than the 9000 and that he was going to sell the 9000 just to keep using the premier.
So it was a good price so I was like fine Ill take a chance and get it.

I am glad to say that Im glad I didnt spend as much on it as I would have the 5000 or 9000 pedals because I think that it is just as smooth and I get the same amout of speed out of it as I would either of those pedals.

Im sure some of you are thinking you must be crazy to do somthing like that and yes I guess I am but it paid off.

So my sugestion to anyone in the market for new pedals is to try every single one of them untill you find the one that fits you the best.
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Old 10-04-2005, 05:41 PM
rockondude's Avatar
Posts: n/a
great advice as usual, full metal

hows the pedal holding up now?
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