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Old 06-17-2006, 10:53 PM
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Cool Job Openings

We'll post the most recent job openings in this post so check back often to see what's available.

Forum Moderators
These leaders will be responsible for keeping order in the Drumset Connect Forums. Some of the duties include moving inappropriate threads, deleting bad posts including spam, banning misbehaving users, and generally keeping order on the forums. Moderators are expected to be active in the forums as they are looked to for advice and guidance. There are openings for each of the drum forum sections. You must already be an active member of the forums before you will be considered for this position.

Drum Battles Coordinators
If you haven't noticed, we have a section entitled Drummers War Zone which is a place where drummers can take part in drum battles with each other. The coordinators are responsible for making sure that the battles are judged fairly and appropriately and that everything runs smoothly. They also must assist members in setting up their audio drum files in the drum multimedia section of our site. Coordinators can also set up tournaments and have a little fun with this as well.

Drum Article Writers
If you have a strong knowledge about drums and have good writing skills, then this job is for you! Writers' articles are featured in the drum articles section of our site and many drummers will come upon these pieces hoping to learn more about percussion. This will enable you to become a trusted expert in the field of drums and will help you to make a huge impact on other drummers. It will also allow you to get your message and views out to a wide drumming audience. Articles can be written on anything drum related.

Drum Review Writers
Drummers with lots of experience using different drum products are encouraged to apply for this position. Drum reviews are important for drum purchasing decisions and reviewer input will be looked upon by buyers to assist them in their drum shopping needs. Drum reviews are featured in the drum reviews section of our site. Quality drum reviewers are needed to help make this part of the site a valuable resource for all drummers.

Contact us via PM if you are interested in taking on any of these positions. Let us know if you can think of any other ways to contribute as well.

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