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Old 07-04-2010, 08:26 PM
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input for used Yamahas needed

Greetings yall. I just signed up last week and this is my first REAL post. Last week I bought a late 90s series 6pc set of Yamaha Stage Customs with birch shells. They weren't in the best of shape, a few nicks and dings but no cracks in the shells at all and they sound VERY good. Also.....the kit consisted of just the drums and the tom mounts. No other hardware at all. Anyway, the guy I bought the kit from threw in a few asst sized Zildjian cymbals and I've spent the last few days detail stripping down the drums and cleaning and polishing the rims and hardware the best I can with a good chrome polish and rust remover (for the record....Turtle Wax from the auto parts store....Works VERY well) Anyway, I'm not looking to make a lot of $$ on this deal. My question is.....is there a market for used (but great sounding) drums that look, well......USED? The shells are black and I'm going to touch up the worn spots with some glossy black spray paint. Trying to make them as sellable as possible. Any thoughts?

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