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Tips for selling your drums - Drummer Experiences
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Tips for selling your drums
Tips for selling your drums
Published by full metal
Tips for selling your drums

Selling your drums is something that has to be done sometimes, It could be due to many diffrent factors.
1. Moving to somewhere that you cant play
2. Getting new drums and have to get rid of the old
3. Quitting drumming all together (god forbid)
But I am going to try and make this a little bit easier for you if you ever have to.

How much is your kit worth
The first thing you'll need to determaine is a fair price for your drums. Begin by reserching what your kit (and/or a comparable kit from anouther manufacture) sells for new in local music stores, as well as in the leading internet companys. Also check out ads for used drums in your area to see what other folks are asking for their kits.Obviously, you want to get as much as possibale for your drums, but especially since the price for new drums are dropping all the time, you also want the price to be attractive to potential buyers. The age and condition of your drums also affect their value. If your drums look new, with few scratches and no rusted hardwear, your buyer will be willing to pay more. Also take into account the popularity of your drums' manufacturer. lesser known or "lower-level" brands won't command as high a price. Leave your self some negotiating room in your asking price.

Who will buy
Next try to identify your market. Who would be more likely to be interested in your drums: a beginner, buying his or her first kit, someone who's been playing for a while and looking for a better or larger kit, or a working pro or even a collector? Once you have a rough mental picture of your potential buyer, you'll knowhow and where to market your drums.

Who will sell
Your next decision is how you want to go about selling your drums.
Assuming that you will be buying anouther set of drums to replace the ones you're selling, the simplest, quickest way to get rid of your set is to trade it in. This could also reduce the time it takes to pay for your new kit. The downside is that you'll almost certainly get less for your drums than if you'd sold them directly. The store will rightly attempt to make a profit on the transaction. Before you commit to buying a new kit, discuss the trade-in option with your dealer to determine whether the gained convenience is worth some lost profit.
The internet
The internet has made the life of buying and selling a much eiser thing these days, and some websites like Ebay make it really easy to sell. Things to rember when selling on Ebay is that Pictures and information sell things quick.
If you are going to try and make it a bidding war then you need to make sure you have the reserve price set at about 100$ less than what you would want to sell them for outright. To make it quicker you can also set a buy it now price as well, and that would be what you are asking for them at a flat price.
Also make sure you let people know if you are will to ship them or thay have to come pick them up localy. If you are planning on shipping them then you need to include the price for shipping or you can ship for free buy figureing out how much shipping is and add that to the asking price for the drums themselves. Also somthing that needs to be added to the price of the drums is the price to run the add on the site.
For sell by owner
The most profitable way to sell your drums is to market and sell them in shoppers and newspaper ads. Almost every community has at least one shopper or newspaper with commercial and classified ads. Since shopperss are either free or sell for less than newspapers, and their primary (or only) purpose is to advertise merchandise, you're likely to have more people read your ad in a shopperthan in a newspaper. If nearby towns have their own shoppers consider placing ads in those as well.

I hope that this guide can help you sell your drums easily and quickly so you can maby get the drums you've always wanted or if you just have to get rid of your kit.
Either way this should be a great stepping stone on your way to easy selling.
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