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Old 04-27-2010, 02:28 PM
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Greetings from SE Idaho!

Salutations everyone! I am new to your forum, and have been recycling my drummings skills after a fourty year abscence. In the sixties and early seventies I played in High School for the Drill Team, and like just about everyone else I had a four piece 'garage band'. We covered songs we loved and had a great time playing around SE Idaho for a few years. Then, the resposibilities of life took hold, and I had to venture out in the world to make a living. Unfortunately it was not pursuing my musical interests. That was in 1973! About 3 years ago I was approached by a freind of a freind who was starting a non-profit organization with the goal and vision of providing a free musical venue for kids and people of all ages to 'Reach Your Peak through Music'. Originally I agreed to do some engineering for the lodge they want to construct near the Teton Mountain Range in Eastern Idaho. The founder of this organization (The Foundation for Aspiring Musicians) asked me if I played an instrument, and I mentioned my previous life as a young drummer. Well, she encouraged me to pick up drumming again, and asked me if I would like to try to play with the Foundation's house band, in which she plays the bass. Needless to say that after a few sessions I was hooked. I am glad to say that I am drumming again with the band and enjoying it more than just about everything else. The equipment available today is miles above the quality of anything produced in the seventies, and now my kit is a 5-pc TAMA Starcalssic Perfomer B/B in Stardust Fade with a set of TAMA Mini Timbales to the right of one of the mounted toms, TAMA Roadpro hardware, Sabian XS20 cymbals, AHEAD sticks, Meinl cowbells and woodblocks. We have a feature in the 'Foundation' we call 'Artists in Progress' where we schedule a free event for anyone who wants to participate twice a month on Fridays in schools, retirement communities and the like. I tell you it is a heartwarming, great experience to help people who never thought they would have a chance to play an instrument pick one up and give it a try (the 'Foundation' provides free instruments and lessions to those who are serious about learning and playing). Well, that's my story. Sorry to be so long winded. I look forward to being a member of this site, learning all I can and conversing with all of you.
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