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Old 12-04-2010, 06:17 AM
Lukeykookey's Avatar
Lukeykookey Lukeykookey is offline
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Spam on this forum!?

Hi all,

Not so much a moan, more a concern.

As a mdoerator on another site I understand how easy it is for these spammers to get on the forum.

However a lot of the spam content on here appears to be done by bots? Nonsensical nonsense! With a linkn somewhere in it.

Now what can be done about it? Is there any way of doing a verification on registration so a moderator has to accept the person - a forum I am on requires name, age, and some information about their background prior to being accepted and being able to post on the forum.

There has to be something done, as i said Im a moderator but the amount of spam cropping up on here puts me off visiting, so I hate to think what it will be doing to new members. Also the wasted time of moderators on here banning all these spammers must rack up

Can the forum admin put some measures in place to reduce the amount?
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Old 12-04-2010, 01:15 PM
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butter is on a distinguished road

Re: Spam on this forum!?

I sent a PM to DSC, the administrator, about this exact idea recently. I believe he has either abandoned the site (since I have NEVER seen him post and he never responds to my messages), or he just doesn't want to do anything about it, is too lazy, or proud, sees this idea as unnecessary. I don't know, but every now and again, the spam gets really bad and we all try to do something about it, but it always turns out the same. The mods clean up (they're great), and then the weeks go by with a regular amount of spam until it gets crazy and we all get annoyed again. Even the "regular" amount of spam can be prevented, but certainly not under the current system. The administrator needs to understand and act.
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