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Old 07-26-2012, 05:15 PM
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Although I just joined this site in April 2012, I have been reading as a guest since mid-2010. This place used to be packed, and filled to the brim with jokes, information, tips, reviews, conversations, etc. Nowadays I only check the forum about once a week to see what new threads have been started, and there's usually a max of three, but it's generally one or two. So I have what I deemed a "Maintenance List". Here's some things I think we should all start doing to boost popularity of this site:

1. If you have a question, ask. I think this is a real problem on the site (correct me if I'm wrong). I think many people are to nervous/shy/embarassed to ask questions because they fear of being mocked or laughed at, because it is an obvious answer or it was preiously answered in an earlier forum. But remember, odds are it wasn't already answered, and there are most definately some readers out there who have the same question. The more info we have, the better.

2. Sign up! To all the guests and anons out there, don't be afraid to sign up. It's completely free and takes only minutes to complete. Then you'll be able to give and get tons of information from fellow drummers. We don't bite.

3. PM, PM, PM. I know for a fact that the majority of members stay in the "up-top" section of the forum, meaning the Cymbals, Drum Talk, etc. categories, seldomly straying down the the Off-Topi, Drum Battles, and Feedback sections. This means that most people aren't even gonna read this post. For the few of you that do read this tell your friends, please, if you want to boost the number of people on this site. Same thing goes for telling your drummer friends.

That's all I can think of now, but all be sure to add as I come up with new ones.
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Old 07-28-2012, 01:46 PM
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Re: Reincarnation

Hey Mace, glad to see you're making an effort. The decline in activity started a long time ago after a plague of spam and other problems, but it has become worse like you said. It seems odd to me that the peak membership I experienced was amid relentless spamming of threads, and that after the mods finally received help from forum updates, the improvement in legitimate posts was accompanied by decrease in activity. Having clean forums is pointless if nobody uses them.

I actually became a member of Drumchat at some point during that time, since there was nothing happening here, but I tried starting a few threads here that I saw on the other forum to try sparking some conversation and encourage people to check back more often. I had a bit of success for a while, but mostly among established members. You probably experienced a lot of this as a guest/reader, but the thing is, I gave up.

I still check back at least once a week to see if anything is happening, but I don't know what else to do. I still have hope for this site, but it's not what it once was. Regardless, I'm back on board to try to revive the place. Thanks!

If anybody is afraid to ask questions: WHY?? This forum hasn't had a problem with rudeness or mocking in as long as I can remember. There's simply no reason for fear like that. We solve any problems we may have and everyone is happy.

So, ask questions, sign up, and PM!
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