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Old 08-29-2012, 09:27 PM
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Tony Rothschilt of the 2Getdrumming project.

About Tony
Hi guys! So how do I tell you about my musical life without using 2 packets of paper? I will do it in a sort of chronological order covering most of the years.

I started to be interested in the drums when I was 13 years old in 1957. I joined a local bugle band where I started with learning a 2 stroke roll. This is still one of the most important things to learn, and still part of what I teach, and still practice. From 1958 I joined up with some other musicians, Lol Creme ( he was a student of commercial art at Liverpool University, singer/songwriter and very good guitarist) Bernard Basso ( he was studying structural engineering and the bass player) Graham Gouldman (he was the lead guitarist, but also played trombone, and with me in the Boys Brigade) and last Malcolm Wagner (who was the singer and studying to be a hairdresser. Later he was the personnel hairdresser to the footballer George Best of Manchester United) Malcolm was the one that got me interested in drums early on.

I was the fourth member of the original band and we called ourselves the Whirlwinds. This was basically a rock band doing cover songs. At that time we were one of the top bands in Manchester till 1963 and then we split up. After that I played with other bands for about 7 years doing gigs and concerts around the country and in caravan/ bungalow holiday parks. They were fun times, lots of new faces and places, and the accommodation and food was free, and we also got paid!! Then about 1970 I went freelance working for numerous agency’s for many kinds of gigs, some were big cabaret shows and some I played for free with just expenses as they were for charity’s. Around this time, 2 of the old band members( Lol and Graham) reformed and called themselves Hotlegs.

They had a small hit in the English charts with "Neanderthal man” then they added another drummer called Kevin Godley, re-regrouped to form 10cc. I was not interested in touring as I had a Family, but continued building a name and reputation for myself. In 1974 I was working with some top artists such as Danny Williams( world hit with Moon River) Cleo Lane the jazz singer/wife of Johnny Dankworth) The Millionaires, a 5 piece Boy band who had numerous hits across Europe of which I did the studio recordings, but I was not on tour, I was doing audio recordings only and thats really what changed my life. I started to learn to read musical notation around this time. In 1982 I arrived with my Family in South Africa to start a new life. It was difficult at first, but I got attention, and finally joined a band called Grin & Bare It. The band was established in and around the Johannesburg area and I replaced the drummer as he had personnel problems. Geoff was very good at singing and playing the keyboard and lead guitar. His voice is very much like Sting. Then we had the Bass player Peter (PJ) who was not only an excellent bass player but singer of songs by ZZ Top Earth Wind and Fire and Alice Cooper, so you see we were very versatile.

We decided to have a lady singer to give another dimension to our repertoire, this was a very good working band, it got better and I gave the sound another dimension in the form of jazz. This was about the same time as I started the drum school, a small studio and lots of students. The word spread quickly, and besides trying to hold down a normal job, I had many Students, all ages girls and boys, the best being a young girl Lisa Bauer, who was with me for four years. Not only did she play 5 different instruments, drums, guitar, violin, trumpet and keyboards, but she left the Johannesburg area and started taking further piano lessons from Darius Brubeck, son of Dave, at Cape Town University.

I used to go very often to Cape Town and play jazz with very good musicians. I also was able to import Sabian cymbals from Canada through Marshall Music in Johannesburg free of postage. I also dealt with Pro Mark and Vater stick company’s. This was another way to give the students discount on various products. I carried on teaching using my system which I am still doing at Total Music in Schiedam. My method is based on my slogan "play in a day Tony’s way”. I can do this as I ask only two questions and in less than 10 minutes you will be able to play a basic rock beat,so a day is 24 hours which is a long time for my method!

So in 2000 I came to the Netherlands where I rocked,funked and jazzed,and still loving it. I enjoy playing any type of music any time, but try to encourage the younger drummers, who keep in their "comfort zone” to step out of the "BOX!!” What do I mean by this? It is natural that people do not want to embarrass themselves, especially on stage, so they only do simple ‘fils’ around the kit knowing they wont make a mistake. This is were I get them to step out of that ‘box’ and try new drumming, but of course I help and show them. I can teach this along with stage presentation and how to uplift a live performance. At present I have my own band "The Buddy Rich Tribute Band”, and also play in the "Delft Blue Big Band” in The Netherlands.
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Old 09-05-2012, 12:15 AM
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Re: Tony Rothschilt of the 2Getdrumming project.

OK I'll keep it short. Wellcome to DSC.

I Statrted in 1959 when I was 8, By the age of 14 played with Sly and the Familly Stone. Been at it for a long time but no as long as you apprarently.

Today i'm 60 and play all sorts of genres of music.

What kit do you play today?
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Old 09-10-2012, 05:38 AM
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Thumbs up Re: Tony Rothschilt of the 2Getdrumming project.

Hello Tainojim,

Thank you for your interest.

The kit we are using for recordings is made by Kings. This is a 50 years old vintage drumkit. Kings drums was made by Slingerland and Ludwig combined.

They were only produced for about 3 years. The reason why we used this is, so we are not advertising any other make of drums as a preferance.

As these are teaching videos there is no need for big fancy drumkits

The cymbals used are a mix of Pearl and Avedis Zyldian and the splash is an Ajax, wich was from my original Ajax drumkit in the 60's

Happy Sticking !!
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Old 09-10-2012, 01:30 PM
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Re: Tony Rothschilt of the 2Getdrumming project.

I started playing piano at about age 8 (my mom was a piano teacher) and trumpet shortly thereafter ( my dad played trumpet) by 11 or 12 I started playing guitar, and played into my mid 20's when family responsibilities forced me to put music on the back burner fast forward to the present---I am re-learning guitar, and also building guitars---but I have always had a fascination with drums, so at age 47 I am ready "2getdrumming"! I bought my first kit for $50 about a year ago, but I have upgraded all the heads, hardware, and cymbals to what I think is a pretty good sounding setup! I don't expect to be John Bonham, but I feel strangely drawn to my drums, and I don't have any cranky neighbors, so I just need some tips on how to get started! I have been working on the 2-stroke roll since I saw your first lesson---my left hand is still a bit clumsy, but getting better! Looking forward to more lessons. With guitar you have to get 2 hands to do different things---as with piano---but drums require all 4 limbs to work independently! My wife thinks I am crazy, but she is supportive! I hope I am not too old to learn some new tricks!
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