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Old 06-20-2013, 10:14 PM
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Question Live Click Performance & Wireless In-Ear Monitors

What is the best way to listen to the click wirelessly in a live performance situation, while still protecting your hearing?

Currently, I am the only one in my band playing to a click, but it seems to be working okay. The other members don't like hearing the click, so I have to be dead on. I'm using an old iPod (not a touch, because I can't change the tracks when sweating), and I have programmed the set in order as individual tracks. This allows me to pause between songs if needed, or gives us the freedom to play straight through.
Is there a way to protect my hearing and still hear the click track plus all the instruments at a live show?

Originally I tried using Sony noise-canceling ear buds, but they had a tendency to pop out of my ears when I sweat, and also they blocked out too much sound, making it very hard to hear the other instruments.

Recently, I have been using my custom molded Musician's Earplugs, with a pair of non-noise canceling headphones over them. But I still have to slide one of the headphones off of my ear to hear everything adequately. This system is uncomfortable, hard to hear the other instruments, and plus I can't wear hats or anything. It also makes it hard for me to move properly, because I am so tied down by the headphone wire going into the iPod. Is there a wireless solution that could work?

Very soon, my band wants to sync our show up with samples and pre-recorded tracks. I'd like to use ProTools on my MacBook Pro, because that is what I am familiar with. Any advice on the best way for everyone in the band to have wireless in-ear monitors?

Since the others don't like the click, we've been discussing just keeping me on the click the whole time, and automating the other 3 band members' clicks in PT to come and go at certain times in the set (intros, spots where there are no drums, etc). Does this sound reasonable?

Any advice would be helpful, thanks!
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Old 10-08-2013, 03:13 AM
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Re: Live Click Performance & Wireless In-Ear Monitors

there are some professional grade in-ears that stay in really well and cancel noise. I've used these to perform with a click and they work great. My favorites are the Shure SE215 headphones. These do block a lot of noise, but if your band is playing at fairly loud volumes and their amps are behind you, you should be able to hear them just fine. These types of earphones are nice because the cord can wrap partially around you ear, and it stays there, keeping it in. If you are playing too quietly, or if the amps are positioned weird, or for whatever reason you can't hear your bandmates through the earphones, my untested suggestion would be to have one earphone in to hear the click, and one ear to have a foam earplug for hearing the band but still protecting your hearing. As far as your bandmates starting to need clicks, I would recommend that you guys as a band invest in a wireless in-ear system, and get aviom monitors. Avioms are great, because they allow you to hear not only the click, but if you run everything through the system you can mix your bandmate's instruments in your ears so you hear exactly what you want/need to hear.
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