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Old 10-16-2013, 03:28 AM
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Multiple Sets In Rehearsal?

Iím writing to find out what otherís think about my idea for drummers to learn big band charts when at a band rehearsal.

The band is unusual because itís a Youth Orchestra filled in by pro players who also give lessons. As a dad of two of the players (trumpet & drums) I get to play (alto) as well. The great advantage to this arrangement is that the new players get to play along side and learn from the pro players. Thereís always room made for whatever players show up.

The situation is that there is more than one student drummer as well as a pro drummer. The pro drummer usually plays the tune the first time around, sometimes more, and then the students get their chance. Many times the drum music is not on a stand; the teacher knows the charts. Iíve been making copies of the drum charts and put together folders so that both drum students can get more familiar with them and practice at home.

Iíve found that my drummer son did much better when a second drum set was along side the main set. If heís not the main drummer he could at least keep time with the ride and hats. I offered to get practice pads for the second set so that a student can most always be actively involved. Iím thinking that if he has the music there on a stand and follows it while watching the teacher and keeps time heís going to learn faster than if heís sitting in back just watching. I know drum students are used to taking turns and watching rather than playing, but I think theirs a better way. What if there was only one trumpet and students had to watch and take turns.

What if each student had a set to play on, one that theyíve adjusted for themselves, and also had their own music stand with the music in place? The secondary drummers could keep time or use pads if necessary. Now this requires more sets, but Iím willing to try to get another set donated or find an affordable one on Craigslist. Of course just one drummer would play at a time during the concerts. I think this would be the best way for the students to learn the charts, and learn to play. What do others think about this idea?


Allan Wilson
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