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Old 03-05-2014, 06:22 PM
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Want To Come to L.A. for Los Angeles College of Musicís Drummers Reality Camp?

Want To Come to L.A. for Los Angeles College of Musicís Drummers Reality Camp? If You Canít Make It They Offer Online Music Classes Too!

Los Angeles College of Musicís one-of-a-kind Drummerís Reality Camp for Summer is now enrolling along with their Spring online music classes. Los Angeles College of Music (LACM), formerly LAMA, is beginning enrollment for a lot of their unique programs and classes! LACM isnít your average music school. Besides getting to play with like minded peers, you get to learn and play with famous all-star musicians. How cool is that?

LACMís Drummerís Reality Camp, part of their Summer Xperience programs, gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to be brought together with people that share your passion and professional musicians in a creative and intimate environment. Lectures, workshops, clinics, concerts, and a tour of DrumChannel Production Studios are available to all of the drummers! Plus, youíll never be bored once camp is done for the day. There are optional rehearsals, open jams and even special events! To apply and learn more, you can check out Drummerís Reality Camp here at: http://bit.ly/LACM_Drummers-Reality-Camp. The deadline is May 1, 2014, so check out Los Angeles College of Music now!

Right now, the online music classes offered by LACM are guitar and drums. But donít worry! Bass, songwriting, music business, and music theory online classes will be offered soon. This is a chance for you to learn from big names in music from the comfort of your own home! Enrollment for these amazing classes end on April 7th, so check out the online music classes here at: LACM Online | LACM and sign up. You can also check LACM on their Facebook at: http://bit.ly/LACM-Facebook, Twitter at: http://bit.ly/LACM-Twitter, Instagram at: Instagram , Pinterest at: Los Angeles College of Music (LACM) on Pinterest , Reverbnation at: http://bit.ly/LACM-Reverbnation, Youtube at: LACM Los Angeles College of Music - YouTube and their Google+ at http://bit.ly/LACM-Google-Plus
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