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Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums - Drum Setup and Sound
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Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums
Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums
Six components to a better practice room
Published by Russ
Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

Believe it or not, the environment in which you practice your drums is extremely important. In fact, it can literally motivate you to play harder or make you just want to give it all up and stop playing. Some people complain about either not being in the mood or being too tired to pick up the sticks and to play. Well, a good environment can make a huge difference in your practice. What is a good environment you ask? There are six main components that are crucial in creating that perfect setting. They are clean drums, clean room, inviting aura, motivation, lighting, and sound control. Weíll get into further detail for each of these components in the rest of the article.

Clean Drums
Simply put, clean drums that sparkle and smile out at you in all their splendor are a joy to look at and a joy to play. With your drums being so clean, you wonít have to worry about getting your hands dusty or your clothes dirty. Furthermore, a clean environment is much more attractive and youíll actually enjoy spending more time with your drums. Take some time to clean and dust off your drums and polish your cymbals. It honestly does not take that long and you really should be respecting your instrument anyway.

Clean Room
Next, you need to have a clean room without any clutter to match your newly clean drums. As mentioned earlier, a cleaner environment is just so much more attractive and will draw you into the room for practice. Make sure to clean the clutter, vacuum everything up, and dust off all the furniture.

Inviting Aura
Furthermore, you need to create an aura in the room that is inviting. This might entail giving the room a nice paint job with some warm colors. Or you can set up the room in such a way to make practice easy and hassle free. For example, you might not want to make getting to your throne behind the kit too much of a struggle. You also want to arrange your furniture in way that isnít too distracting. A couch or a TV in front of the drum set is never a good idea.

Every drummer is going to get discouraged now and then so itís important to have some motivational things in the practice room. Some ideas are posters of some great bands and great inspirational drummers, awards and trophies you may have won for drumming, or a note with some goals for the future that you wish to attain in terms or drumming progress. Use your creativity to add some decorations to your room. The more motivation they bring, the better.

A well lighted practice area is very important in keeping your spirits up and ďin the moodĒ for drumming. Good lighting will also help you if you read off of sheet music while you play. You wonít have to squint and guess notes. Never play in the dark.

Sound Control
Good sound control is vital for a practice room. You wouldnít want to disturb neighbors and have them knocking at your door complaining. I know itís a big problem for a lot of drummers but itís just something that has to be dealt with. You can invest in pad or an electric kit if a loud acoustic drum set isnít possible. You could also implement some soundproofing techniques to try and muffle the sound using blankets or foam. Regardless, make sure you take care of the sound issue so youíre not worried or disturbed during practice.

With all of these components taken care of, you will feel more comfortable playing the drums. Heck, you might even enjoy it. Good luck!
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By brendonv.101 on 05-20-2007, 10:53 AM
thnx for the advice man. I will do that wen i get my kit.
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By guss on 05-20-2007, 11:35 AM
I have an "old school" way i used a wing back chair for a pad.
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By threavis on 09-14-2007, 12:21 AM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

It can get rather taxing to "tidy-up" after others if your in a band. We use my little studio for rehearsals.
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By smakdrumr on 02-20-2008, 03:04 PM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

I totally agree on all aspects of the setup and environment. I would just add one other thing that makes a big difference. The ambient air temperature in the room. You need a room that stays pretty much at a constant temperature. Wood shells will expand and contract with temperature changes. That makes a big difference with the sound and tone of the drums. Basic rule of drums and drumming as with all things in life. Take care of your drums, and they will take care of you!!!
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By chungiemunchin on 04-30-2008, 12:26 PM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

Really great stuff man! These details all too often seem superfluous and extraneous to we "serious" musicians.....too serious about practicing to bother with all that "surface/physical" stuff man........because we're metaphysical people....right dude?
Actually, if meditating has done anything for me (and it has by the way), it has taught me much more than I practice about the importance of our physical surroundings to our more spiritual endeavours (I look at playing music as a spiritual pursuit). Reading your article has definitely given me ideas and motivation to clean up my practice area.
Also, watching the Hudson master series hosted by Steve Gadd DVD reminds me of the importance of practice time on our actual drumsets. The feel with which he plays around the kit can only be perfected to the level that he has perfected it, by practicing on the actual drums (not virtual) at least a little bit. We drummers face the challenges of the volume we create even when playing with our lightest, and unfortunately, our most inhibited touches. Renting a rehearsal space for one may be one solution even if it is for a limited contracted time span (say a month) here and there when funds allow! A rehearsal space where one can play completely uninhibited will do wonders for our personal growth. Whether we are practicing our high-handed high volume playing or just need to play repetitious exercises over and over again without hampering our abilities by being inhibited about what the people in the next room or apartment or in my case townhouse is thinking about what we are doing right now, a space where we can do it without a care in the world is invaluable. We all know how impossible it is to focus on our practice when constantly worrying about whether the neighbors are calling the police or worst.....our neighborhood association concerning the pariah (synonym for drummer in some folks' vernacular) next door. I practice on either my Remo tunable practice pad (10") or my (unfortunately expensive) Electronic drums 98% of the time due to these restrictions. Without the two percent practice on my acoustic drums, I would go into most unfamiliar playing situations a little wobbly in the confidence area at first. I mean, the more secure I feel with my drums surrounding me, the more confidence I can conjure to play in new situations. So if any of you have any other suggestions (i.e. soundproofing, etc.), I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for starting this particular thread!
Last edited by chungiemunchin; 04-30-2008 at 12:31 PM..
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By moteza on 05-02-2008, 02:04 PM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

thank. I will do that.
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By NyC2La on 05-14-2009, 01:19 PM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

Thanks for the help. I completely agree, I notice when I do clean my room and clean the set, it sends an inspiring vibe. It makes me want to get on the drums and rock out. = )

Its great!
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By Beholdthecoma on 04-30-2010, 03:17 PM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

Seems fairly obvious really, can't believe i haven't tried any of this! Well, seeing as the room my set is in is actually the room where everything unwanted or un-need goes, it would be pretty stressful to tell my mum it needs to go elsewhere!
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By TMdrums on 08-06-2010, 01:33 AM
Re: Setting Up the Perfect Practice Environment For Drums

Good advice. Thanks
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