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Old 10-06-2007, 11:39 AM
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Mozambique and samba

Ive been practicing the mozambique quite a lot lately.
Mostly from Martinez book "Afro-cuban coordination for drumset" and i think Im starting to get clue on how to play the rhythm.
However when it comes to making a fill or even worse trying to resemble som kind of a solo Im lost.
So Im wondering if you got some tips on where to start?
Anyone know where I can find "fill in" exercises that fits the afro cuban styles?
I looked but theres nothing in Martinez book.

The other question is regarding samba.
I just started on that one so Im basically looking for both groove and rhythm variations and perhaps some fill ins, or exercises on how to develop fills for samba.
Links or other helpful tips or hints would be greatly appreciated!

Hope I wasnt to "blurry" in my post.
Its a talent of mine to transform simple questions into unrecognizable word poo.... =)

Thanks in advance!
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