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Hardware is Heavy - Drum Setup and Sound
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Hardware is Heavy
Hardware is Heavy
Practical ways to lighten the load of drum hardware
Published by Drum Set Connect
Post Hardware is Heavy

Well we all know that drummers have it tough. Every gig is basically a workout session in itself with a countless number of drums, cymbals, stands, microphones, sticks, and other equipment to lug around, assemble, disassemble, load, and repeat. A hardware bag can easily weigh 50-80 pounds and itís no easy task to carry this around.

Here are some good tips to help you deal with the necessary drumming evil of lugging your hardware around. Try them out and see what works best for you.

1. Workout
Well, if the drum bag is always going to be a part of you, you might as well get stronger to make it seem like the load is lighter. Some weight training and cardiovascular exercise will not only help you to lug your gear around more easily, but it may also give you better endurance when playing those long and arduous gigs.

2. Suck it up
Youíre a drummer and if you donít like carrying heavy stuff around then maybe you made the wrong decision. If you want it easy, I suggest you go get yourself a piccolo flute (you pansy).

3. Be proud of it
Drummers have a lot of gear we show off and itís really all a part of being a drummer. Rather than complain about how heavy the stuff is, maybe you should change your perspective and reflect on how lucky you are that you actually have this equipment to begin with. Some drummers canít even afford some of the stuff you have, so be proud!

4. Lighter equipment
When touring or setting up for gigs, consider lighter equipment that will be easier to carry. For example, use single braced stands rather than those heavy duty double braced stands. They may be less stable on stage but the trade-off may be worth it.

5. Less equipment
Are 10 cymbals really necessary? Unless youíre Neil Peart or something you can probably make due with less stuff. Take out what you donít need and youíll be left with a much manageable load. Besides, less drums means you have to worker harder to be creative. This will improve your drumming style.

6. Get friends and band members
The drummer always has the most stuff to carry so itíd be good to get some friends or other band members to help you out a little.

7. Take more trips
Most drummers think theyíre Superman and will try to carry all of their drums and equipment at once on the same trip. Rather, take multiple trips and lighten the load. It may take longer but itíll keep you from breaking your back.

8. Get a set up crew
I know most bands cannot afford this but if you can then maybe itís worth it. Hire a crew to carry your stuff around for you. You can relax, boss them around, and do some mental preparation for your gig. The only concern is trusting others with your precious drums and equipment.

9. Get a cart with wheels
Ah yes, the wheel, the greatest invention of all time. Pushing a cart around is much easier than picking up individual drums and bags. There are also drum cases made with wheels for easier transportation. I suggest the SKB cases with wheels. For carts, I suggest the Rock Ní Roller Cart.

10. Get one heavy duty stand and mount all of your cymbals off of it
Not sure how well this would work but it is an idea. Get one large cymbal stand and attach some extensions and boom arms to mount all of your cymbals off of it. Good luck!

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