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Old 08-27-2009, 12:36 PM
hokie4life's Avatar
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Hello everyone


I have resided in the U.S. all of my life and recently moved from Virginia to TN for a better job. I am 30 year old and have had a total of 3 kits in my life. I play guitar as well but I have more passion for drums because this was the first instrument that attracted me to music. My last set of drums was a PDP set that was by far the best sounding set that I have had to date. I sold this set almost 9 months ago to finish up my recording studio. I have been saving money for a little since departing with my last drum set and now at the end of Sept 09 I will be in the market for a new set already got wife's approval I am going all out on this set of drums as it will be my set for a long long time and i will never depart them from my music collection. I really enjoyed the last set that was birch because of the great sound it produced. I like all sorts of music but have a desire for harder rock type music. I am hoping to seek answers to questions i may have and hope that i can answer questions to help anyone out. To many guitar players not enough drummers in my area. I cant wait to pick my next kit up as i will have 5000 for a budget but if i can get away with cheaper then so be it. I want a double bass kit as i have had a double bass pedal with my last 2 kits i want 2 bass drums plus a rack. I will post in another section about my next kit.
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Old 08-27-2009, 01:07 PM
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Re: Hello everyone

Welcome to DSC hookie!
Can't wait to see your next kit!
Read through the rules and have fun.
Hope to see you around!
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