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Old 02-16-2010, 12:22 AM
darkjak_777's Avatar
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Drum Improvisation (Rock/Rudimental/Mixed Styles)

Hi, I'm new to this forum
This is a video of me last summer when I recorded myself doing a drum improvisation. It's mostly rudimental material, in a rock/metal format, although I included a samba in the middle.

I got a bit tense and dropped my stick part way though...ughh. But I didn't feel like re-recording it.

Having said that, It's been almost half a year, and my priorities are completely different. I'm focusing a lot more now on jazz, latin, and funk drumming, in comparison to the rock and metal I was doing before.

This is my fourth year playing classical percussion (mallets-both 2 and 4, snare, timpani, ect). I have also been my school's drumline(snares, tenors, and bass) for four years as well, and this is my second year in jazz ensemble(drum set).

I started the drumset several years ago, but it was mostly a hobby, and I barely played it. I don't count those years, as I basically didn't get much done. I just got serious a year and half ago, so think of me as having played the drumset seriously for only a year before this video.

Thanks to percussion and drumline, I had the rudimental chops in my hands. I had to work on footwork though, and they're definitely not up to par with my hands. I recently got a double bass too, and I'm occasionally working on that(but like I said, my priorities are in jazz now).

I think I'm all right, I don't think I can be anything great from the little amount of experience I've actually had on the kit. I think i'm more skilled as a percussionist. This video is outdated though, as I'm more interested in other styles than rock and metal now. I'll record myself doing a funky improv later maybe, and then after I get good at other styles and double bass, I can synthesize them into a prog rock/prog metal style.

So what do guys think of me as I was 6 months ago? Oh, and I improvised on everything right on the spot, without knowing where I was going, so I get a bit messy in the end since I didn't plan it out.

And I was 16 when I did this video, now I'm 17.
Enjoy! And be brutally honest, please.

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Old 02-16-2010, 11:52 AM
Der Trommler's Avatar
Der Trommler Der Trommler is offline
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Re: Drum Improvisation (Rock/Rudimental/Mixed Styles)


Not bad for a drummer relatively new to playing. You do have flow problems but that is do to not having any direction with your solo (meaning it was on the spot improv instead of written material).

You seem to be catching alot of rim on your bass drum mounted toms. Judging by what I saw here you might want to tip those toms slightly more towards you to help avoid that. To help with your flow you may consider getting a metronome to play along with, this will help with timing and rhythm.

Good job, keep up the good work and remember that skill comes with practice.
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